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Employee engagement - The key to higher productivity and organisational success

Employee engagement programmes can boost employee energy by well over 50% or more

Companies with the most engaged employees show revenue growth two and a half times higher than rival firms who have the lowest level of engagement – Hay Group research

UK employees are ranked 18th out of 20 countries for low engagement – So we have a long way to go to catch-up – ORC international survey.

Do you have a problem? Employee engagement

Answer the questionnaire and if your response to any more than a couple of these questions are YES, then low employee engagement will be hitting your bottom-line, operational efficiency and organisational goals.

•    Are your employees buying-into the organisational vision?
•    Do you have high employee turnover?
•    Is your competition snaffling up some of your best talent?
•    Do you feel a disconnect between the leadership and the rest?
•    Is the work culture failing to create an appetite for excellence?
•    Is the organisation under performing?
•    Are your employees less productive than comparable workers elsewhere?

What does employee engagement look like?

Employee engagement is vital to a successful organisation. Engaged employees:

1.    Are committed and loyal to their organisation;
2.    Interact and collaborate better with the people they work with.
3.    Believe in what the organisation is trying to achieve,
4.    Have confidence in their management,
5.    Feel enabled to do the best job they can with the right tools to do it,
6.    Are a lot less resistant to change.

Employee engagement strategy – A scientific approach

A successful employee engagement strategy motivates people to invest the discretionary effort required to help grow the business and boost productivity.

TBD’s remedial strategies emerge from a comprehensive audit of the current culture and working environment. The coach uses the latest ideas and techniques from modern psychology about how to engage people at work. The resulting strategy usually involves small incremental improvements and adjustments that are easily assimilated into the existing structure. Eight top-tips for improving engagement

Employee engagement WP

Find out more from our white paper - 'Employee engagement, the key to higher productivity and organisational success.'

Download our white paper

Click here to download our employee engagement white paper and learn more about the scientific approach to employee engagement

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Employee engagement WPEmployee engagement programme white paper

Taking a systems approach to improving employee engagement can have an impact out of all proportion to the costs and effort involved. Free download

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