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Employee engagement strategy

TBD’s remedial strategies emerge from a comprehensive audit of your current culture and your working environment. Our coach uses the latest ideas and techniques from modern psychology about how to engage people at work.

The resulting strategy usually involves small incremental improvements and adjustments that are easily assimilated into your existing management structure and way of doing things:

1. Process redesign and new work practices.  Helping to make it easier for people to do their work.

2. Appropriate technology solutions including automation of routine administration.  Remove unnecessary administration that provides no added value from the customer’s point of view and gets in the way of purposeful work.

3. Participation by employees in work planning and design. Collaborative working meets a number of key emotional needs and is a powerful engager.

4. Career progression.  Clarifying status and long-term involvement helps meet key emotional needs including security, a sense of belonging, challenge and achievement.

5. Incentives for hard work, innovation and loyalty.  Clarify the connection between good work and rewards. Provide benefits and perks that meet employees’ actual emotional needs and you receive a high payback in engagement and productivity.

6. Recognition.  A key emotional need which when absent is truly discouraging of effort and commitment. Essentially this strategy can be met cost free to the organisation and involves a number of different methods and approaches.

7. Family friendly working ethos with flexibility as to where and when people work.  Providing support and encouragement to hard-pressed family members provokes a high payback in loyalty and commitment.

8. Leadership style, function and structure.  Adjustments to management attitudes and leadership styles can have an impact completely disproportionate to the cost of adopting them.Employee engagement WP

Find out more from our white paper - 'Employee engagement, the key to higher productivity and organisational success.'

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Employee engagement WPEmployee engagement programme white paper

Taking a systems approach to improving employee engagement can have an impact out of all proportion to the costs and effort involved. Free download

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