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How TBD creates an Integrated Planning System

TBD's bottom-up planning system integrates all of an organization's systems, functions and processes into one coherent planning Integrated Planning Systemframework. This integration enables everyone within the organization to work with unified objectives.

The organization becomes a unified whole, with each function and department aligned behind the overall goals of the organisation.

Instead of "silos" ­ departments or functions working in isolation and often at cross-purposes, TBD's Integrated Planning System (IPS) provides genuine co-ordination of all business improvements across the organisation into a focussed Management Action Plan (MAP).

The company becomes truly greater than the sum of its parts, and can achieve more than ever before.

What does Team Business Development’s IPS achieve?

TBD’s IPS draws feedback and information from all levels of an organisation. This bottom-up feedback gives senior managers a clearer, more holistic picture of all functional areas. Essentially this holistic view means an expansion of the senior management's natural 'bounded rationality' and a valuable shake-up of their settled world view. This process is carried out in a clinical and objective workshop format that reduces conflict and prevarication to a minimum.

Arriving at a global bottom-up view makes it a lot easier to see how separate areas impact one another, what new opportunities and threats are emerging at grass roots level and what hidden weaknesses need addressing.

The immediate outcome from a TBD planning session is a range of Action Programmes that precipitate sometimes dramatic improvements in productivity and performance across the entire organization. This translates into:

  • More sales

  • Lower costs

  • Less delays and bottlenecks

  • Reduced waste

  • Fewer mistakes

  • Improved customer service

  • Reduced conflict

  • Faster innovation

TBD’s team based IPS assists the easier development and adoption of new sub-systems and processes required to respond to changing strategic needs. As such, TBD speeds up:

•    Continuous improvement cycles,
•    New marketing strategy development and rollout,
•    Organizational learning,
•    New market penetration and sales growth,
•    Management development and succession planning,
•    Change management initiatives
•    Waste elimination programmes.

Who needs TBD’s IPS?

Beyond the micro level of business size, any organisation regardless of sector would find an integrated planning system highly useful. The more complex the innovation cycle or delivery process to the customer, then the more useful TBD’s integrated planning can be.

In addition, TBD’s team based IPS facilitates faster change through greater enthusiastic buy-in from staff, more robust decision-making, and reduced stress. 

For more information please contact Jeremy Old on 0845 0945 819


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