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Reinventing Management Thinking Reinventing management thinking

There is a yawning gap between what science knows and what management thinks

Amazingly, scientists have learned more about how the brain works during the last thirty years than during the previous three hundred years put together. But you would not necessarily realise this from observing common management behaviour and techniques.

Despite the research, it is depressing to see that most managers are still using psychological models and concepts developed as far back as the 1950s or even earlier.

The fact is that there is a profound disconnect between what modern psychology and neuroscience says about how to motivate higher performance and how managers actually go about managing their people. Among other problems, this disconnect is driving an epidemic of stress related thinking and behaviour at work.

What has emerged from the research is that the stress response is the root cause of many of our organisational and social problems. In 'Reinventing management thinking'  the author identifies '30 organisational stressors’ (i.e. 30 ways that management typically create stress in the organization).
He takes you through each stressor in turn, describing the impact on motivation and individual performance and the overall cost of each strressor to your organisation. He then describes alternative solutions and their benefit to human wellbeing, motivation and group performance.

Where possible, the usual personal stress management solutions are avoided, as these are covered extensively elsewhere. In the context of organisational performance, these sort of individual solutions are largely palliatives that don't tackle the root cause of organisational dysfunction.

The book's major focus is on adapting organisation design, management function and leadership style in line with the way that science tells us humans naturally like to think and work in groups.

Reinventing management thinking

There is a better way to run our organisations than top down command and control

A constant theme is that the very design of our organisations and the assumed management function is liable to trigger the debilitating stress response. The cure is often for managers to adapt the design of their organisation to exploit the ingrained human instinct to collaborate in pursuit of group survival.

Changing decision-making and planning processes to become more collaborative is actually dead easy and great fun to do, as after all you are working with the grain of human nature not against it. The economic pay off in terms of improved organisational performance and productivity is always dramatic.

Unfortunately for unhappy shareholders and employees, collaboration with employees is still somewhat counter intuitive to most managers and so is often resisted. Beliefs, habits and conditioning are hard to shift. The book's aim is to convince you that an entirely new way of thinking is needed to enable a far better way to run an organisation than the old fashioned top down command and control management.

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Reinventing management thinkingReinventing management thinking - Using science to liberate the human spirit.

How and why changing organisational design and leadership style transforms work culture and provides real competitive advantage. Buy now from Amazon

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