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TBD's coaching and training is not carried out in wasteful outside training seminars.

Instead TBD coaching delivery is blended in with the transformational planning programme. This means that all training is targeted according to the exact needs revealed by the improvement planning process.

TBD provides on-site training as:

Improvements require new thinking, new skills, new knowledge

TBD recognises that improvements to the existing ways of doing things will only occur with new thinking, new or improved skills and new understanding. As Albert Einstein once said “You don’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”.

So, we integrate a “study phase” in to the start of any improvement planning process. After, all if the organisation actually knew how to solve the problem it should have already done so. The very existence of a particular problem implies that the people responsible probably don’t know how to deal with it. The study phase allows the individual team member to both identify and acknowledge openly what they need to learn in order to make progress the improvements.

As such, the study phase has the powerful advantage that it exposes in a non-judgemental way the deficiencies within the current ways of doing things. This exposure removes three harmful tendencies

These negative traits can occur among staff, managers or directors when they feel the need to protect their positions by pretending that they know how to make the necessary improvements when in fact they can’t.

The study phase saves a lot of time, effort and stress as a result.

The study phase further reinforces the double-loop learning function and the learning how to learn capacity.

Business growth through personal growth

The existing or latent potential of the organisation is, in reality, the sum of all the existing staff’s individual potential.

So if you want to grow or improve a business you either have to hire new (and better) staff or train the existing ones up. This may seem rather self-evident but the fact remains that many businesses make the mistake of not matching their development ambitions with the appropriate skills, experience, temperament and aptitudes necessary to generate the growth they want.

Often, the most telling mismatch of skills needed to exploit the inherent potential within the organisation and the opportunities open to it, is in the role of leadership and management. That is, that so often, the mismatch occurs in the very key roles necessary to ensure success of the enterprise.

One of TBD's central themes is that, above all, successful business development or organisational improvement needs to be led, planned and managed effectively.

All the evidence suggests that, if you don’t have the right management structure in place and equipped with the right skills and core leadership competencies then all your development intentions will amount to, at best, a waste of effort and a lost opportunity.

At worst you could have a real disaster on your hands.

One of the quickest ways to grow your business is to grow your people.

So training the executive team up to meet a new development challenge must make sense.

If a management team has particular weaknesses these will be inevitably reflected in their performance. At the same time their strengths are those aptitudes you need to exploit. The key factor here is that if you can build on these strengths and remove or avoid the weaknesses then the company’s performance will leap forward.

The TBD principle here is that one of the quickest ways to grow your business is to grow your people. Organisations have a massive potential to increase productivity within their existing resources. In other words a huge amount of extra potential is within their grasp already. Thus a crucial element to any self-help improvement or turnaround is that the managers learn how to plan and manage effectively.

A fundamental element determining TBD's success is that planning team members have a basic working understanding of three crucial elements -

At a lower level operators and other staff members required to participate in group problem solving need training in a variety of techniques. Useful areas of training often include group problem solving, root cause analysis, process mapping and analysis, comprehension of statistics, team working and so on.

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