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The seven criteria for your success

In fairness to you -- and because of the very personal nature of this commitment you are going to have to make to transform your business -  I ought to point out that, before I can accept you on this 8 week transformational challenge, I ask that you qualify in seven important areas.

It is absolutely vital to your eventual success that you fulfill all seven of these criteria:

The first success criteria

Perhaps it almost goes without saying, but the first criteria of success with this programme is -- you must be looking to solve challenges and remove areas of weaknesses that you have identified in your company. (Find out more about whether your company matches the profile for profitable growth by answering these ten questions.)

Can you remember why you originally set up in business? What were your hopes and dreams and ambitions then? Have you fulfilled them? Are you concerned that you never will? Or perhaps you have even given up trying?

This programme is about realizing your dreams. I am asking you to get in touch with what you really want out of your life and then commit yourself to working with me to really achieve it.

The second success criteria

It is important that you, or you and your other decision makers must have the total freedom and authority to act and change things. In other words we cannot operate where we have significant decision makers who are not 100% supportive of the company's objectives in the 6 week programme.

The third success criteria

To get the most out of these powerful collaborative planning methods you need an organisation of a minimum of thirty individuals. So it almost goes without saying that You must also already have a product or service that is of real commercial value or at least potential value to your customers and market.

That is not to say that, working together, we can’t dramatically change the attractiveness, the appeal or the value of the service or product you are currently offering as this will be all part of the eight week business building programme.

The fourth success criteria: First steps

You must have a desire to grow your company significantly. This does not have to be growth in size. There are three ways in which you can grow your business - You can grow by size, grow by being better or grow by being different. We will work together to identify which are the most suitable for you.

The fifth success criteria:

This really follows on from the point above, but I like to see that you have sufficient potential growth in your area of business in order that you can potentially achieve a return on your investment in our fees.

I aim to generate at least ten times the cost of the fees in improved productivity, and profitability and have to be able to see from the start how this might be achieved. Otherwise I will be wasting your time and money and mine. Remember I am offering a money back guarantee and so from the outset I have to be confident that your business can undergo substantial sales growth or rapid improvements to a number of factors in order to be able to maximise  profit growth. Otherwise I am unduly risking all my hard earned fees. 

The sixth success criteria:

Most important of all, you must be ready and absolutely committed to launch yourself on a dramatic and highly exhilarating personal growth curve.

I want you to understand from the outset that nothing is going to change in your business, with out you changing the way you manage, the way you behave to your staff, the way you think about strategy, problem solving, customers and a whole range of other factors. It is particularly important that you are able to adopt a participative style in your decision making.

megaphone manIf you are used to autocratic decision making and don't want to change we will be wasting our time. If you are in the habit of telling people what to do rather than listening to their feedback and ideas and think that this is somehow motivating then you will not be able to transform your organisation's performance in the way you would like.

The myriad of techniques, procedures, ideas and formulae for transforming the performance of your whole business are only of any use if you get on and apply them and then follow through with everything that I give you. Collaborative leadership is actually very easy. It is in fact the easiest way to lead - but it is useless if you don't give it a try.

Again, I would say that I am making a real commitment to you that is backed up by my guarantee of a refund, so I have to be absolutely sure that you are both able and willing to make the same level of commitment to achieving success with the programme.

The seventh success criteria:

In one years time your Company’s profitability and value can be transformed with  this six week leadership and planning programme

The techniques, procedures, methods and processes that you will be learning over the next year really do work. They have an amazing effect to dramatically transform your company’s performance and profitability to a capital value that can be ten times the level of your existing value.

The fact is that they have been proven to work on many occasions in many different situations and in many different social cultures all over the world from the USA, to the UK, to Brazil, and Germany. There is absolutely no reason why they won't automatically work with you and your company.

Now you may be asking just what all these techniques, procedures, methods and processes are. It’s a good question …

But of course I will only reveal them to you once you have been accepted and have begun the programme. All I can tell you now is that a handful of these techniques are quite revolutionary and are unique to us here. We are therefore trying to keep them confidential - - at least for now.

That’s why before the start of the programme, we will be asking you to sign a mutual confidentiality agreement. That way we are both protected. We will agree never to divulge anything confidential about your business and you must agree never to divulge our proprietary knowledge to anyone else.

As long as you are happy that you can fulfill these qualifications, then I look forward to working with you and helping you and your people to grow your business performance and profitability exponentially over the next year.

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