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Authoritarian leadership styleAuthoritarian leadership problems

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One of the major problems with authoritarian leadership is that it generates a high level of stress. This stress results in low performance.

The reason that authoritarian leadership or an autocratic style is so highly stressful is because it works against the way human beings function naturally in groups.

But that is not all ...

Authoritarian leadership style results in bureaucratic waste

In any sizeable organisation, authoritarian or autocratic leadership inevitably results in bureaucratic functioning with all the chaos, waste and low productivity associated with such regimes. The stress of working against human nature in an authoritarian regime also makes the bureaucratic environment essentially dehumanising.

Authoritarian leadership styles induce organisational stress

The resultant stress experienced by the participants in an authoritarian or bureaucratic work environment has an adverse impact on both individual and organisational performance. This is why bureaucracy is inherently unsuitable for any task that requires the expression of the finer human qualities such as empathy, compassion and intuitive thinking.

Collaborative leadership reduces workplace stress

Where you adopt a more collaborative leadership style you go a long way to meet the psychological needs of everyone involved - both followers and leaders. Meeting psychological needs is important, as it reduces stress and motivates a rapid transformation in enthusiasm, commitment and competence.

Reinventing management thinkingIn this download extract from Jeremy Old's book "Reinventing management thinking - Using science to liberate the human spirit", you can read a 23-point summary of why an authoritarian leadership style poses so many problems, how collaborative leadership helps meet many of our psychological needs and how this is so motivating in an organisational context. Apply below to receive the FREE pdf (100 KB)

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Reinventing management thinkingReinventing management thinking - Using science to liberate the human spirit.

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