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Plastics injection moulding factory saves £200,000.robot 2

Pressure on prices, rising material costs, increasing energy costs and stagnant sales were reducing profits at this high tech, family owned, plastics injection moulding factory.

TBD was deployed to save £258,000 p.a. at the same time as to implement a delicate transition in senior management. The team planning instigated 33 prioritised improvement projects. These included a gain-sharing incentive scheme, NVQ training for machine operators, lean manufacturing, and self-certifying quality control.

Among other benefits, expensive temporary agency staff were removed, scrap was reduced, and 25% savings in transport costs were achieved. 

“The effect of the Team Business Development programme has been brilliant. The team planning process has instigated a real culture change from the old-school authoritarian management style. There is a lot more motivation throughout the business.

Generally I find that people are thinking for themselves more about what needs to be done rather than waiting for some boss to tell them what to do. In fact, we now have a number of fresh ideas being implemented that originated from staff concerns and suggestions.

The improvement projects set up by the planning team have introduced an array of initiatives including lean manufacturing techniques, such as the 5 ‘S’s, a works welfare committee, a performance pay scheme for the whole staff, and widespread NVQ training. We are already experiencing reductions in scrap generated and are projecting a 25% savings in the despatch department. Basically the whole place just seems a lot more organised.” Phil Williams, Operations Director, Holloid Plastics Ltd.

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