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dynamic change culture transforms performance

TBD creates a dynamic change culture

TBD generates a dynamic change culture that transforms performance across the whole organisation

Team based planning and collaborative leadership consistently generate a 25% - 50% uplift in performance.

Here's why:

  1. TBD uses modern motivation theory to establish a powerful sense of urgency across the  organisation. A dynamic change culture is established on day one.
  2. The planning process brings the whole organisation together as a team creating a united sense of  purpose.
  3. The collaborative leadership style generates a much higher degree of trust and a feeling of "fair play", transforming commitment and motivation.
  4. TBD integrates strategy and tactics, change strategy evolves in line with constraints.
  5. Team planning minimizes counter productive and corrosive internal politics. Energy is used to create rapid and effective outcomes instead.
  6. Bottom-up appraisal and team planning creates a holistic understanding of the business environment. Decisions are based on a global picture preventing "unintended consquences" common with isolated decision making.
  7. TBD's analysis instigates double-loop learning across the whole organisation. Dull compliance is replaced with smart thinking.
  8. The team planning workshop environment creates open and clear communication eliminating chaos and confusion at the point of change.
  9. TBD removes major organisational stress factors that inhibit productivity.collaborative leadership creates business transformation
  10. TBD creates transparency, consensus and commitment that gives the CEO more effective control over progress and activity.
  11. TBD's collaborative leadership style mobilizes the natural enthusiastic problem-solving, creativity and energy of everyone in the organisation.
  12. The TBD process helps remove all 10 mistake drivers. Things get done right first time. There is less waste and rework and less negative impact from adverse decisions.
  13. TBD reduces knee jerk responses to problems and provides robust well thought through solutions.
  14. The change culture reduces resistance to new ideas, so improvements progress much faster throught the system. Plans are translated promptly into effective action.
  15. TBD integrates a wide variety of improvement projects into one coherent plan of action controlled and driven by senior management.
  16. With collaborative leadership, the organisation becomes less reliant on the "key man" and so lowers the risk factor that can supress the capital value of an owner managed business.

We provide a performance guarantee for the TBD change culture and business transformation programme

Our aim with TBD is that it will pay for itself over and over again.

In fact from past experience, we look to return to you at least thirty three times the cost of the fees. As such we offer a performance guarantee over a full twelve-month period. Our promise is this. If over that time, you have not made at least enough savings to match the cost of the rapid business transformation programme, we will fully refund the balance.

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