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Collaborative leadership or autocracy, you have the choice Collaborative leadership

As a leader, you have a choice.

Do you stress your people into dull conformist compliance with an old fashioned authoritarian leadership style? Or do you motivate them to higher levels of enthusiasm, commitment and intelligent action using collaborative leadership?

Use collaborative leadership to improve performance by 20% - 50%

Once you fully comprehend the real impact that stress has on your organisation you can achieve a dramatic and comprehensive transformation in performance in as little as six-weeks using the TBD rapid business transformation programmes. Removing organisational stress using a collaborative leadership style can rapidly improve performance by a factor of 20% - ­ 50% and sometimes a lot more than that.

Why is collaborative leadership so powerful?

Top down command and control style management tends to create stress in the working environment. Unfortunately most managers, who habitually adopt this style, vastly underestimate the real impact this stress has on their organisations.

The received wisdom is that the cost of stress is limited to absenteeism, sickness and the risk of compensation claims. But stress audits show that the cost of stress is a lot worse than that. 

A variety of organisational stress factors contribute a complex web of difficulties by constraining intelligent activity at every level of an organisation’s function. Stress doesn’t just make us dull and stupid but makes our organisations dull and stupid as well.

Organisational stress is of strategic importance

Essentially, stressed thinking is disastrous to decision-making and stressed behaviour is highly unproductive. Modern motivation theory recognises that stressed people are de-motivated workers. Reduce the stress in an organisation and you will revolutionise your work culture. Thus, the impact of organisational stress on performance is of strategic importance and the understanding of it needs to be an intrinsic part of your management tool kit. Stress management is no longer a peripheral matter best left to the HR department or an employee assistance programme (EAP).

Instead any leader from CEO down to supervisor level needs to know how and why the individual stress response debilitates mental and emotional functioning at work and how to avoid stressing people out.

collaborative leadership or autocratic leadershipSo, the most fundamental point to realise is that top down command and control leadership is the root cause of so much stress in organisations today.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to utilise collaborative leadership methods that motivate enthusiasm, commitment, and intelligent action at every level of the organisation.

Science based collaborative leadership

Everything science now tells us about the human physiology, psychology, stress and communication shows that top down command and control management or autocratic leadership is counter productive in most situations.

Quite simply, there are more natural ways for you to run your organisation that avoids triggering a stress response. Instead you can exploit the latent talents and creative power of every employee.

So, to achieve a rapid transformation in performance and productivity the first step is to adopt a more collaborative leadership style. This new concept of collaboration is based, not on opinion, but on a new and better understanding of how the brain actually problem-solves, how it functions under stress and how human beings have evolved to naturally work together in groups.

Using this new motivation theory will enable you to unleash the latent power within your organisation. Start structuring a powerful collaborative leadership style directly into your organisational design and begin motivating high performance by enrolling in TBD's in six-week  rapid transformation programme today.

Email us for more information about how TBD's collaborative leadership style can transform your company’s performance or contact 0845 0945 819.

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