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Collaborative leadership style, the secret to TBD's rapid organising powercollaborative leadership style

Why a collaborative leadership  style creates better planning and decision-making outcomes

Part of TBD’s rapid transformational power stems from its ability to get the whole organisation to function more like one brain.

If you doubt why functioning more like one brain would be useful to your organisation take a look at six of the brain's unique features:

The human brain's unique holographic qualities gives it:

Now do you think these sort of qualities would be useful to your organisation? For instance, would almost infinite creativity come in handy or a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to change?

Use a collaborative leadership style to harness the creative power of every brain in the organisation

There is a simple proposition behind TBD's powerful collaborative style of planning and decision-making system. This is the analogy that the holographic nature of the human brain gives it enormous organising power over its own structure and an almost infinite potential for adaptability in the face of external change.

It is this organising power that helps the brain achieve the level of creativity, flexibility and robustness that any leader would envy for their own organisation.

There is one simple idea behind TBD.

Team Business DevelopmentIf you drop the usual authoritarian leadership style and instead structure your organisation to function more like the human brain, then you will harness the creative power of all the individual brains within the organisation to real advantage.




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