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Conflict resolution at boat builders yard enableslifeboat 2 new  strategic marketing impetus

TBD was used to resolve a paralysing conflict at a £5 million p.a. failing RNLI lifeboat manufacturer.

Opinion within the board had polarised between two opposite and conflicting strategic directions. Tempers were rising and critical time was lost while there was an impending drop in new RNLI commissions.

A TBD style strategic analysis, and team-planning workshops led to a firm consensus at board level within a few weeks. A strategy was rapidly developed, that aligned new product development with both market demand and the company’s core competence. This new direction allowed the company to move forward after a two year hiatus in new sales generation.

As a result, crucial market research was carried among the one hundred and twenty UK harbour masters. The feedback from this research led to the company modifying the boat design so as to drop low priority features and so reduce the overall investment cost.

These crucial modifications and cost reductions were then followed-up with a direct response marketing and sales initiative to promote the company’s new line of fast pilot boats. Within a few months firm interest was attracted from UK harbour masters for three pilot boats at £500,000 each. The size of the potential orders was sufficient to secure the short-term future of the company.

“We are no longer taking decisions in isolation, the team planning workshops help bring us together so that we are not working against one another all the time.” Sales director, Souter Marine life-boat builders.

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