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Organisational stress audit

Stress affects organisations at every level in terms of tangible costs impacting, analytical skills, decision-making, planning, working relationships, individual performance, commitment and enthusiasm. Usually the underlying cost of stress to an organisation is hidden and a lot higher than management recognises. A lot of organisational stressors are avoidable at little cost to the bottom line.

An organisational stress audit:

•    Identifies exact stressors within an organisation that are impacting performance
•    Costs the impact of stressors on the organisations performance
•    Recommends appropriate remedies including organisational design elements training and coaching in collaborative leadership

Organisational stress audit

The remedy for low engagementorganizational stress audit

Organizational stress audits are a powerful tool to identify problem areas in engagement, performance, and productivity.

For many CEOs and business owners, their concerns about stress factors revolve around limited aspects such as potential insurance claims and absenteeism. In reality, where stress factors are prevalent in your organisation, they will be seriously impacting your ability to achieve strategic goals.

Stressed behaviour manifested by staff and management has a comprehensively damaging effect on the very fabric of the organisation, that is the people within it. Stress has a major impact on employee engagement motivation and commitment. When stressed peope are less able to relate with one another, with customers and other stakeholders in a productive and meaningful way.

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An organizational stress audit answers 8 key questions

A stress audit comprises a thorough review of the organisation including tried and tested methods of identifying individual cases of personal stress that can be undermining your best efforts to manage effectively.

Specifically the audit addresses eight questions:

  1. Which of the 30 stressors are impacting your organisation? Audits study seven categories  of stressor. These include the management style, structure and function, strategic and operational issues, physical factors, psychological and relationship factors and external influences.

  2. What are the root-causes of these stressors? if you want to solve a problem, first drill down to the real underying case of it.

  3. What is the impact of the stressors on the organisation in terms of financial costs and probable financial costs in the future? Among other metrics, costs to the organisation can be measured in working hours lost, due to disagreements, slow working, accidents, illness, days off, mistakes, rework, employee churn etc.

  4. How are these costs affecting your bottom line or budgetary control?

  5. What remedies are available to rectify or alleviate the problems?

  6. How can these remedies be implemented?

  7. How much are these remedies likely to cost? Will the savings generated justify the costs?

  8. How can your improvements be imbedded in the organisation for the long-term? This last question involves elements of training and or coaching for the management team in the understanding of organisational stress and its impact on engagement and the work environment.

Customised assessment of stress factors to suit your individual needs

A TBD organizational stress auditor is trained and experienced in systems thinking, performance improvement management and psychotherapy.

As every firm is unique in terms of the dynamics of staff and management relationships, fees vary according to the circumstances. However before the start of an assignment the auditor will carry out an assessment of your requirements and the parameters of the situation and provide you with a fixed quote based on an hourly rate.

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Did you know that the human being has evolved over eons to become a gregarious, problem-solving collaborative animal?

The species didn’t get to survive against all comers without developing a repertoire of capabilities inherent in our need to survive as a group. If you can learn to utilise these capabilities then you will succeed in building a dynamic and highly productive organisation.

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