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Team Business Development is ideally suited for public services cost savings and improvement initiatives. TBD ensures that any new work group achieves fast and effective results from change management and improvement programmes.  

TBD's groundbreaking methods are founded on extensive scientific research into

As a result, TBD can mould even a new or disparate group of people into a high performing team almost immediately, neutralising political manoeuvring and curtailing turf wars.

A TBD transformation programme enables any leader to:

TBD recognises that leaders have a choice. Making the right choice can enable a CEO or team leader to instigate major change programmes with a powerful buy-in from all staff members. Achieving buy-in, removing mistakes and getting to the heart of the problems affecting the organisation create a range of cost savings and improvement projects that are accomplished in time and within budget.

Shared services vision

Whether you are inspired by the prospect of shared services, or feel overwhelmed by the sheer complexity and ambiguity involved, whether you think the concept a vision or a nightmare, any shared services initiative will probably raise a whole load of questions in your mind, not least of which might be:

Research based collaborative planning techniques generate an average performance uplift of 15-50%

To help you answer these questions and to help you develop powerful and coherent plans, that will realise the shared services vision, you can now draw on the direct experience of over 300 organisations that have experienced business growth and success by using proven breakthrough concepts in collaborative planning.

The effectiveness of these concepts is the culmination of ten years of planning and management research into 1,100 organisations by a team of management psychologists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California and also more recent parallel research into how human beings function within a group. These research findings form the scientific basis of a powerful programme of practical, down to earth planning and management techniques now known as Team Business Development or TBD.

Research based planning programme

Team Business Development is an unrivalled planning and decision-making process. TBD takes as its core premise the scientific understanding that human beings have only survived as a species by evolving into highly socialised problem solving mammals.

The ability and temperament to collaborate with our group in problem solving is literally hard wired into our DNA. Whenever you work against this fact of human nature you invoke a stress response that reduces individual performance and group productivity.

TBD exploits this key faculty of human nature, to consistently produce a performance uplift of 15% - 50%, through

TBD’s planning and decision making methods comprise a structured sequence of protocols, techniques and processes including team planning workshops. These protocols enable any planning group whether, team, council, committee, policy planners or board of directors, to draw on the rational views and understanding of a broad range of stakeholders. The planning group then works together as a team to translate this feedback into agreed and highly effective action programmes for improvement.

The practical applications of these new ideas and new concepts has, over the last thirty-five years, consistently and reliably generated an average performance uplift of 35% in over 300 organisations including NASA, WH Smith, Roche Chemicals, the former UK Government PSA, Tetley, Allied Foods and many others.

“TBD is just brilliant. The one-day workshop has transformed 100 or so issues into 14 coherent projects. It has collated, filtered and ordered all the different viewpoints and opinions so that the links have become apparent and we can see where we are and where we need to get to next.” Mandy Williamson, CEO, Mind in Exeter & East Devon

For more information about how TBD can transform your organisation's performance please contact Jeremy Old on 0845 0945 819 or complete the enquiry form.

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