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rapid business transformationHoshin Kanri and rapid business transformation

Hoshin Kanri turns the idea of rapid business transformation from mirage to reality

Business transformation or lean initiatives have a problematical track record to say the least. Failure rates of 70% to 85% are common; this begs the question, is the idea of rapid business transformation just a mirage?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Business transformation can be quick and effective, but only if you go about it the right way.

Just like any other process in life, if you go about something the wrong way, without training, guidance or a clear plan, you are doomed to fail. Give a trumpet to somebody who can play the instrument and you hear music. But, give one to somebody who has not learned to play and you just get a rude noise.

The Toyota way to business success

So it is useful to know that there is a straightforward approach to business transformation called Hoshin Kanri (download white paper) that delivers consistent success wherever it is applied with the right level of expertise and commitment.

Developed by Toyota back in the 1970s, leading manufacturers such as Sony, Intel and Hewlett Packard have been using Hoshin Kanri for decades. And the really good news is that Hoshin Kanri is not just for the big players, but is just as applicable to smaller enterprises.

Why does Hoshin Kanri work so well?

Hoshin Kanri is an all-embracing business operating system that involves everyone in your organization; it embeds new ways of seeing things, new ways of problem-solving and new ways of thinking into the very fabric of your business. The result is complete alignment of your diverse resources and activities with your longer-term goals.Hare and tortoise race

In effect you mobilize and integrate every business process, sub-system, function and department in your improvement initiative. All this takes a little time to set-up, but like the hare and the tortoise story, slow and steady wins the race.

Rapid business improvement cannot be rushed!

The key point to remember is that rapid business improvement cannot be rushed! Hoshin Kanri is a company wide, team based planning process that takes you through a logical sequence of planning steps and learning before you attempt remedial action to improve things.

These foundational steps, taken over a few weeks, combine to help you identify your strategic improvement opportunities and priorities, expose hidden obstacles to successful change, design appropriate countermeasures and construct a powerful road map of projects for whole-scale improvement.

In essence, with the Hoshin Kanri business operating system, you go slower and get there quicker.

For improvement to be transformational it has to be holistic

If one part of a system is left defective then the whole system is compromised.

With Hoshin Kanri, we improve every aspect of an organization all at the same time. To a lot of traditional executives, that might sound ambitious, if not impractical. But the accumulative effect of large numbers of simultaneously applied improvement projects captures results that are simply unimaginable with other approaches.

Get better results faster

Another secret to achieving this holistic change is that Hoshin Kanri is highly collaborative. The Hoshin Kanri planning system is designed to work with human nature to ensure that everyone functions together as a unified team towards the same goals.

TBD’s Hoshin Kanri business operating system becomes the cornerstone of your major improvement campaign, orchestrating the effort and input of every stakeholder in the business. In this way, it overcomes the weaknesses inherent in the usual fragmented and unnatural approaches to a lean transformation.

Hoshin Kanri is self-funding

With TBD's Hoshin Kanri system you get a standardised, highly sophisticated and easy to use business improvement process ready to bolt into place and make use of on day one. (Why use TBD?)

The whole process is self-funding from the direct savings and opportunities that arise. The usual benefits include:

“We’ve achieved more changes in six weeks with
these team planning workshops
Hoshin Kanri than I’ve seen in twenty years of my time here.” Dave Medhurst Projects Coordinator Steelfields Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer.


Download our free white paper on 'Hoshin Kanri and the art of rapid business transformation'


For more information on how Hoshin Kanri can get you better results faster, contact Jeremy Old on:
0845 0945 819
or email.


How Team Business Development transformed our business

“The entire business process has benefited.

SPS LtdWe now have a process at board level to identify and analyse new ideas. People are more open to change because they have been part of the decision-making process from the beginning in any improvement initiative.

Beforehand it was down to someone to dream up an idea for an improvement and then implement it. Now we sit down together and talk about things in a very mature way. We are very honest about our weaknesses. People aren’t hung out to dry for being honest about their limitations. Our performance improvements are very much an inclusive process.

We were already going down the route to improve operational efficiency, but what we have gone through with the TBD process has improved our focus and involved a lot more people across a wider number of issues and in a much shorter space of time than I would have been able to do on my own. Cliff Barry

We are definitely further ahead as a result.”

Cliff Barry, Operations Director


Ferndown, Dorset

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