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Research behind rapid business transformation

In recent years Jeremy Old, TBD's CEO, has worked to combine innovative team planning research findings from SRI (Stanford Research Institute in California) with more recent advances in psychology and the experiences of large organisations using Hoshin Kanri.

The result of eight years work is the creation of a better understanding of three major factors in the organisational environment.

3 major factors behind TBD's rapid business transformation

Firstly - we now have a better understanding of the damage that management induced organisational stress is doing to productivity and performance.

Secondly - we have a clearer recognition how a collaborative style of leadership reduces organisational stress. Collaborative leadership, as epitomised by lean management, provides genuine motivation to all the stakeholders involved.

Thirdly - we now know how a collaborative style of leadership frees up the vital information flow and creative decision-making processes that are so debilitated in a bureaucratic or top-down command and control working environment. Read more about the secret to TBD's rapid organising power.

Wherever senior management truly embrace and exploit the principles of collaborative leadership, the impact is an astonishing transformation in organisational performance. Read TBD rapid business transformation case studies

As TBD's lead consultant, Jeremy works with CEOs and business owners in planning change  to enable them to make practical use of lean leadership principles and the Hoshin Kanri business operating system to create a dynamic catalyst for rapid business transformation.

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For more information on the research, The unique TBD guarantee, or how a TBD Hoshin Kanribusiness operating system can be structured to meet your exact needs contact Jeremy Old on 0845 0945 819 ­ or email

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