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Rapid Business Transformation
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Retail POS company £1.80m benefits
Tool Company Saves £328,000
Plastics Factory Saves £200,000
Manufacturer improves capacity by 50%
New Focus For Boat Builders
Print Merger Saves £584,000
Commercial printer generates price increases
Taylor Made for profit
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Why lives are at risk in the NHS
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Reinventing management thinking
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Reinventing management thinkingReinventing management thinking - Using science to liberate the human spirit.

How and why changing organisational design and leadership style transforms work culture and provides real competitive advantage. Buy now from Amazon

Employee engagement WPEmployee engagement programme white paper

Taking a systems approach to improving employee engagement can have an impact out of all proportion to the costs and effort involved. Free download

Save the NHSCuring the NHS

Management induced stress provokes low performance, compassion fatigue and mistakes that puts thousands of patients' lives at risk every day, read the white paper to learn why ...


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Rapid Business Transformation
Employee engagement
Reinventing management thinking
Blog Posts
Privacy Policy
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