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Stress management coaching

Stress damages work performance by harming our ability to

•    Think clearly and rationally
•    Make sound judgements
•    Communicate effectively
•    Access creativity
•    Feel positive about people and events
•    Accept valuable negative feedback
•    Work enthusiastically

If any of these are a problem, coaching can help identify the relevant stressors (stress factors) in the individual’s life and alleviate their effect.

stress management counsellingTBD's stress management counselling

Stress - are you coping with it?

Stress impacts us across a wide spectrum of activity and thinking. Stress management counselling can make you think more clearly and work more effectively.

We might not be confronted with terrifying life-threatening events at work. But, through the action of the amygdala in your brain, the stress factors that we actually experience still induce a performance debilitating emotional arousal. We feel this as anger, worry, resentment, or even panic and depression.


From a work performance point of view, even the sort of limited stress arousal we experience at work progressively shuts down our ability to have access to the more sophisticated parts of the brain we use to do a good job and be effective at work.

Low-grade stress progressively shuts down a range of faculties including our ability to:

In other words, stress can impair our intellectual and emotional performance. It is this impairment that has a detrimental impact on our individual performance at work and so impacts the organisation we are working in too.

This is why stress management counselling can be so important to transforming business performance

Without stress management coaching, a state of stress arousal can continue indefinitely

Unfortunately, there is a further downside to the type of low-grade stress we experience at work.

The problem here is that when there is no clear evasive action that we can take to avoid a stressor, particularly a dynamic, physically evasive action, we can get stuck in this state of stressed or emotional arousal. Sometimes this state of stressed arousal can continue almost indefinitely.

The real significance of this unnatural and long-term state of stress to organisational performance is twofold.

Firstly, this type of stress arousal diminishes our mental and emotional functioning for as long as we are experiencing it. How is this?

In effect long term stress can lock people into a semi-trance state. For so long as we are experiencing this state of stress arousal our optimal level of intellectual and emotional functional is being suppressed. As a result in many different ways we may be acting impulsively not rationally.

If you’ve ever wondered why some of your staff seem to behave like zombies this may be why.

Secondly, long term or chronic stress damages our health in several ways.

Prolonged stress can lead to a number of conditions such as

Chronic stress has also been shown to harm the hippocampus by reducing the number ofstress burn out synaptic connections between communicating neurons. This reduction in communication between neurons effectively results in memory loss and this can be permanent.

So stress is not something you want to live with. It is not something you want your employees to be experiencing either.

Stress remedies to improve organisational performance

TBD provides a range of stress remedies and stress coping methods to help you greatly improve both individual and organisational performance. TBD delivers

If you need more convincing that stress management coaching will help transform your organisational performance email us about TBD's stress management coaching programme. You can read more about the various stressors that impact the workplace or our Organisational stress audit by clicking on the links.

Call Jeremy Old today on 0845 0945 819 if you would like help with your own stress or require help for eployees.

Read "Reinventing management thinking"- a newly published work depicting how and why stress damages motivation and group performance and how using a simple psychological model you can transform workplace enthusiasm and productivity.

TBD Ltd uses the human givens approach to stress management. More information on this research based approach to good mental health and clear thinking can be found by contacting The Human Givens Institute or Mindfields College

Reinventing management thinkingReinventing management thinking - Using science to liberate the human spirit.

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